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12 Star Energies
Stars tell about the
basic life-force energies found in all things

High in the sky, in a ring surrounding the Gardens and all other symbols in
Star Journey are the elemental Stars. Their energies, while invisible, are actually building blocks. The energies mix in different combinations to make up the
unique character of each Symbol in the Star Journey universe – which is of
course the universe of the Self or you. Visiting a Star is an experience of its
special life-force energy. 


Explore the Stars


Below is the list of Star names with links direct to their area in SL. The listing includes both the specific type of essential energy involved as well as the imaginary being which embodies the concept of that Star.


A. Star of Impulse

Experiencing | "The Doer"


B. Star of Reaching

Growing | "The Speaker"


C. Star of Change

Adjusting | "The Mover"


D. Star of Inwardness

Internalizing | "The Feeler"


E. Star of Laugh

Externalizing | "The Player"


F. Star of Bowing

Intergrating | "Majesty"



G. Star of Indecision

Weighing | "The Dancer"


H. Star of Hope

Trusting | "The Prayer"


I. Star of Austerity

Perceiving | "The Watcher"


J. Star of Independence

Freeing | "The Deliverer"


K. Star of Aspiration

Discovering | "The Seeker"


L. Star of Patience

Imagining | "The Dreamer"



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