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More About Levels


The concept of Levels of Consciousness comes from the structure of Star Journey's Circle Pattern (shown below). Within it one can see there are concentric rings of colored points. These range from the light yellow Star points near the outside of the circle (symbols A-L, the Stars) to the most innermost ring of green points near the circle's center (Symbols 73-84, the Signs).


These rings describe seven different layers or levels of experience, from those outside in the external world to deeper types of inner experience, with several important levels in between. What makes this charting significant is that it expresses a full spectrum or continuum of consciousness, connecting inner and outer parts experience.





















Star Journey Circle Pattern, with its concentric rings of colored points which

reveal the system's 7 Levels of Consciousness.


Here are descriptions for each level:


Stars  (Symbols A-L) – External "life-force" energies, in and around you


States  (Symbols 1-12) – Symbolic physical conditions


Star-crosses  (Symbols 13-36) – Symbols of self-expression


Gifts  (Symbols 37-48) – Inner guiding gualities, gifts of oneself


Keys  (Symbols 49-60) – Challenges than can lead to transformation


Gates  (Symbols 61-72) – Inner attitudes and approaches


Signs  (Symbols 73-84) – Types of personal fulfillment


More about Levels of Consciousness can be learned from Geer's book: Star Journey – A Cosmology of Self.

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