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Artist Submission Guidelines


Star Journey seeks the highest quality SL artwork for showing in its 12 Gateway Galleries. We are always interested in potential exhibits.



Artwork may be in any medium used in SL or real life. Art must be original work, and the content should relate to the theme of the particular Gallery. Themes of the 12 galleries are derived from the 12-fold Cycle of Growth, part of the design of the Circle Pattern in the Star Journey model. For more information on these themes, see Gallery Themes.


Exhibiting artists will be provided a free Artist Reception with live music. During their show, their picture and artist statement will be posted on this website.



Each gallery show runs for 12 months.



There is a commission on sales of exhibited artwork, 80% to the artist, 20% to the sponsoring Star Journey sim.



1. Submit your artwork on textures that are NO COPY, NO TRANSFER. Please send at least 3-5 examples of your work. If artwork is 3D or kinetic, kindly submit photos or textures.


2. Please send a statement on a notecard. This should include the name of the available Gallery you want to show in and why you feel your artwork fits with that theme.


3. Also include on the notecard information about yourself, in SL or real life or both. List any exhbitits that you have had as well as links to any galleries of your work.


Send all items and information in a folder to sim owner Starman Heron. For any questions, contact Starman.

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