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A random generator orb in "I RELATE" Gallery

Obtaining Your Symbols


There's much flexibility on how to get your symbols for most of the "games of meaning." Below are some options. Or, you may have a way of your own that you prefer.


  • Explore the land – Having Star Journey on a landscape in Second Life allows you to walk around and come upon things, like a real journey. And don't forget what's in the sky! Find what you need (1 to 4 symbols) simply by exploring. 


  • Use the random generator – Each of the 12 Gateway Art Galleries has a Circle Pattern orb that is a random generator for obtaining symbols. More on this method below. We recommend going to a Gallery whose theme fits with your question or topic, but you can use any you want.


  • Pick spots on the chart – Point to a spot on the Circle Pattern chart. Take note of its number, and find it on the list in the Gardens. Do this for as many symbols as needed for a game.


  • Choose symbols from a list – As an option, you can consciously choose the symbols you want, then learn more about them from the interpretation process. Use the Garden Symbol Locator to find the symbols you resonate with.




Using the Circle Pattern Orb


When clicked, the orb will offer you an object which is a randomly generated symbol card. Click Accept to save object to Inventory. Then find it in the Objects folder. You can Wear or Add this object in order to see its information. It will appear in the center of your screen.


The symbol objects have 3 faces – the Picture side, Word Side and Level side. Click on image to change faces. The level side indicates which Level of Consciousness the symbol is part of. More about the meaning of Levels is given in Interpreting Symbols.


And, be sure to visit the Symbol out on the island, and there get more in touch with its special message for you. Most symbols are found in one of the Gardens, so refer to the Garden Locator list below. TP to the Garden hub, then explore until you come upon your symbol on the land.



Garden Locator

View from above of Star Journey's 12 Gardens

Garden Symbol Locator


Use this listing to find which Garden a symbol is part of. Each Garden has a teleport hub, and you can teleport there (for example, to 1. Sand), then find your specific symbol in the nearby area. The list is also an easy way to just browse symbol names and pick those you resonate with.


1. Sand Garden – Teleport

13. Magician  25. Wanderer  37. Root  49. Cup  61. Tower  73. Mountain


2. Lightning Garden

14. Lover  26. Tree  38. Eye  50. Rose  62. Glove  74. Cake


3. Rain Garden 

15. Child  27. Chest 39. Tunnel  51. Powder  63. Ice  75. Cross


4. Mud Garden

16. Egg  28. Glass  40. Harp  52. Serpent   64. Hole  76. Sea


5. Fire Garden

17. Moon  29. Duck  41. Circle  53. Chain  65. Stone  77. Star


6. Water Garden

18. Jester  30. Leaf  42. Chair  54. Robe  66. Sword  78. Star


7. Earth Garden

19. Maiden  31. Bell  43. Letter  55. Gate  67. Token  79. Cave


8. Thunder Garden

20. Butterfly  32. Knife  44. Wheel  56. Wind  68. Handle  80. Pearl


9. Snow Garden

21. Knight  33. Ladder  45. Wing  57. Mask  69. Rod  81. Coffin


10. Fog Garden  

22. Swan  34. Window  46. Tongue  58. Block  70. Cherry 82. Field


11. Air Garden

23. Sun  35. Fountain  47. Morning  59. Wand  71. Arrow  73. Crown


12. Pool Garden

24. Monk  36. Candle  48. Rope  60. Ring  72. Siphon  84. Key



In addition, below is the Circle Pattern showing where symbols are located by number. You can also reference a number on this chart back to its Garden in SL.

Circle Pattern
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