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Gallery Themes

Quick Reference Guide


The themes of the Galleries come from Star Journey's Circle Pattern. The 12-sided nature of the pattern represent steps along a path, which is a timeless cycle of growth and development. To make this easier to understand, the steps can be thought of in terms of stages of development of a person, from baby to child to adult, and from basic needs to refinement over time.


I. "I AM" – The First Cause
An infant simply is. It lives and experiences. Its consciousness is the center of itsuniverse.


II. "I WANT" – The Matrix
A baby finds it has needs and learns to express them.


III. "I RELATE" – The Motion
The emerging person sees there is a world to deal with, things to learn about, people to communicate with.


IV. "I FEEL" – The Pure Water
Discovery of the inner self begins; moods, styles, and feelings are explored.


V. "I PROJECT" – The Spirit Incarnate
One learns the art of self-expression, playing roles and adapting to a world with othersin it.


VI. "I BECOME" – The Grand Plan
Through integrating the last two aspects, the self has taken on more dimension,developing further; therefore various roles are adopted, careers are built.


VII. "I INTERACT" – The Perfect Union
A more developed being goes on to make connections with others; important outsiderelationships are established.


VIII. "I CARE" – The Power
Through connection, one discovers the power of uniting, the desire to go beyond theself and to know the nature of things.


IX. "I REALIZE" – The Illumination
One finds purpose and begins to see higher purposes, opening oneself more fully to theworld.


X. "I PERFECT" – The Perfect Form
The individual seeks self-improvement, for real and lasting results, and helps others dothe same.


XI. "I EXPAND" – The Unification
One sees beyond one's own personality to a larger scheme, accepting limitation, yetreaping richer rewards.


XII. "I MERGE" – The Dissolution

The person is complete, acts in step with the whole, and in doing so dissolves back into it. One is prepared for a new “I AM” at another level of being.


For more detail, see the full description of Gallery Themes or refer to the Star Journey book.

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