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Genevieve Silvercloud – 

"I INTERACT" Gallery



 "The key to abstraction is in diligent observation."

                             - Lari Pittman


 As with us all, much of my social interaction has been learned through watching and mimicking others. This form of learning became a valuable tool during the height of my hair and make up career. It enabled me to see people in interesting ways, and taught me empathy, as well as compassion. My abilities to abstract people's actions and words into an image for their person, took me far in the world of fashion and hair. This same way of seeing people translated itself into my art work.



My paintings are about human connection. It is my belief that perception and experience, as well as the visual of now, are a part of every moment in time. I attempt to capture these moments and paint in the lines of connection, using theory of color, automatic drawing and writing, as well as the input of my subjects. Most of my work is about being human, flawed and part of a whole.


Four mediums go into just about every piece, water color, pastel, stone sculpture and acrylic paint. The movement from one to the other shows a layering I have become fascinated with. This layering effect makes it easier to allow the character of the subject to come through.


Genevieve Silvercloud


AKA Gen Montreuil


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