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How to attain what you want


The Goal Journey




Exploring what the underlying goal is and how to reach it is the idea behind the 3-symbol Goal Journey.


About a personal topic of your chooing, you'll find out much more about who you are in the situation, You Now, what issue blocks your progress and how to get past it and to the goal. You'll be looking at things using the unique language of symbols and their intuitive meaning as it comes to you. Playing with picture story imagery will open the door to reaching what you seek.


There are several ways to choose the three symbols for your Goal Journey. You can do a random draw using the Circle Pattern orb generator found in any of the Gateway Art Galleries. You can simply roam on the land and choose the symbols as you come to them. You can point to random spots on the Circle Pattern fouund on the Symbol Locator page. Any way you choose is fine. More on obtaining symbols...


Let your first symbol stand for the Goal, the second the Problem and the third You Now.


Once you have your symbols, explore them fully. Follow the steps of Interpretating Symbols to review all the elements of each symbol – images, words, Levels of Consciousness. Then use the Picture Stories technique to find new ways of viewing your situation, and then create a story from your imagination that leads to a positive plan of action for improving matters.


The journey can open new ways of thinking. It can also help you feel empowered to achieve what you want.

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