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Interpreting Symbols


Players develop their own interpretation of symbols in any way desired. Below is a suggested step-by-step process to aid in interpretation. These steps can be done methodically for some "games of meaning" since they touch on all elements that make up the symbols. Or, feel free to adapt steps to better fit your own style or the specific game being used.


In addition, be sure to visit your symbols on the land (or in the sky). Many are interactive and will prompt ideas about meaning. On clicking symbol cards for information, they will tell about themselves briefly in local chat. They also offer a notecard with text from the Star Journey book with more about their nature. (Local chat text and notecard are useful in performing steps below.)



   Developing Your Interpretation – 6 Steps  


1. First Impressions – Catch yourself as you first see what each symbol is. Do you have a quick, intuitive first impression? If so, take note of it.


2. Keywords – What are the keywords and text on the symbol cards? What do these make you think of, what is involved in your situation?


3. Level of Consciousness – What is the “Level of Consciousness” of each of your symbols? Refer to the chart below. How are these levels are currently involved in terms of you and your topic? (Star Journey’s seven Levels are derived from colored rings of points on the Circle Pattern map, which shows how symbols are connected into a whole.)


























4. Picture Stories – Now do some visualizing and learn more. In your mind, freely imagine a single scene, one that contains all of your symbols (and yourself if you like). Take note of how you see the symbols interacting, and think about how this relates to your topic or challenge. What feelings come up for you, what impressions, what physical sensations do you associate with this picture?


5. Best Picture – No matter what you first imagined in the step above, now consciously form another mental picture. This time, imagine the best way you can see the symbols interacting (and with you if you like). This “best picture” symbolically represents how best to utilize this new information to improve your situation


6. Plan of Action – Based on what you've seen and learned, what steps can you now take with the real life situation? Use the Best Picture to translate your insights into positive and constructive action.




The Envision Deck









Inside the Star of Inwardness are special orb rooms for meditating on your symbols. The Envision Deck is an aid in making up picture stories as part of the interpretation process. Up to 3 symbols can be viewed enlarged; the faces can be clicked through and set to any of the 96 Star Journey symbols to match those of your journey.

The Levels describe positions within a range of consciousness where different types of experience occur, from outer energy and physical conditions and on to deeper experience such as inner attitudes and fulfillment. More ...

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