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                                   Event Fact Sheet


                                                        “It's a New Day for Star Journey!”


                                           The Grand Re-opening of Star Journey in Second Life



                            Date/time:    Sunday, May 1st, 2016,  2–3 pm SLT/PDT                    


                              Location:     Garden Landing @ Star Journey island



                     Entertainment:    Live music by singer/musician Max Kleene (CAN)


                        Event Hosts:      •  Starman Heron (Richard H. Geer, US) – Star Journey author and developer

                                                    •  Dharmadog (Gerry Marr, MA, MFT; US) – Star Journey teacher, real life counselor/therapist

                                                    •  Rebs (Vanessa Taylor, AUS) – Leader of founding builders of Star Journey island

                                                    •  Fuschia Nightfire (Nina Camplin, UK) – Design Team member, exhibiting artist

                                                    •  Tayren Theas (Lorraine Stanton, US) – Design Team member, user/educational consultant

                                                    •  Suzanne Piers (US) – Event manager, show hostess


                                Contact:     Richard Geer – – 925-899-0652

                                                    in SL: Suzanne Piers - IM or Notecard


The event celebrates the complete redesign of Star Journey island in Second Life, which is the 3-dimensional, immersive and interactive version of this tool for self reflection.


Live music will be provided by singer/musician Max Kleene, streaming from Niagara Falls, Canada. Max brings high energy and a dynamic musical range to his groove on acoustic guitar. He delivers a versatile vocal style and influences from a range of artists such as Pearl Jam to Foo Fighters to Jason Mraz.


First launched in November 2008, Star Journey island has been almost entirely redesigned and re-imagined for 2016. It is now aesthetically more appealing than ever, and it also utilizes newer technology for design and content. With this and other improvements, the user experience has been greatly enhanced. In addition, a dedicated website has also been launched as a guide for users as they explore the island and learn the use of the tool (


The visitor at Star Journey takes a journey of personal exploration, a journey that can result in tapping intuition and gaining insights about real life situations. There are several parts to the Star Journey sim. On the island’s ground level one can wander among twelve different lush Gardens encountering interactive Symbols, or you can visit the twelve Stars in the sky which represent fundamental life-force energies, or you can even go view the work of artists showing in the several themed Gateway Art Galleries also above ground.


In addition, the island offers top quality live music performances and romantic dancing at STARS Dance Club (


Since the Star Journey tool is a relatively new method of using the mind and tapping inner awareness, group sessions are offered on a weekly schedule free of charge.


Hosting the event is Star Journey’s author and developer Richard Geer, aka Starman in Second Life. Assisting him are event manager and hostess Suzanne Piers. Also hosting are leading Star Journey team members Rebs and Dharmadog, and design team members Fuschia Nightfire and Tayren Theas.


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