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Describe your status at several levels of being


The Personal Portrait




A person exists at many levels at once. Some levels are more outward and show our mood or persona to the world. Others levels are further inside and have more to do with deeper desires, also concerns, approaches and even goals.


Star Journey's Personal Portrait is a method for reflecting on yourself where you consider how you are feeling at these various levels. These are based on 7 concentric rings, the Levels of Consciousness, part of Star Journey's Circle Pattern map. See also the Levels chart.


To build your Portrait, choose symbols to represent yourself in the present, one from each Level, grouped on the wall. There are 12 symbols to choose from in each group (24 in the case of one level). The choice of symbols may be instant or may involve considering which one of a group you resonate with.


To help review the symbols in Second Life, click on a symbol on the wall. It will appear as an object in Inventory, check Recent Items. You can Wear this (or Add) and view it as a hud. Each symbol has 3 clickable faces, the Picture side, Word side and colored Level side.


You can get more meaning from the symbols in your Portrait by following steps from the process of Interpreting Symbols.


And, as you select each symbol, you can add the object it to the blank Portrait sign at the end of the room. This can be taken for looking at again later.


It can be useful to share a Portrait with a person close to you. It can also be helpful to create a Portrait at a different point in time and see how things have changed.

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