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Session Pics – 2


November 25, Starman led group on a Goal Journey. With a personal topic in mind, symbols were selected roaming the landscape – finding symbols for the Goal, Problem and You Now to develop their individual insights.

Thunder Garden – The group comes to the Butterfly symbol which they decided would stand for the Goal about their personal topics. Butterflies floated around them as they clicked on the card, and listened as Starman read about it from the notecard that was offered.

Special Sign Room – Next the group found and explored the Pearl symbol which stood for the Problem. They flew up to a special room and viewed the pearl while underwater.

Fire Garden – The symbol for You Now turned out to be the Duck which Nya came upon. She liked its light-hearted symbolism, and the others agreed it applied to them as well.

Main Landing – Lastly, the group was shown the main entrance to Star Journey island, high in the air, where there is a TP and Information board. Themed art galleries are in a ring around the area.

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