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Session Pics 


At the December 2 Group Session, Starman met attendees in the calming Pool Garden and explained the ways Star Journey works to build personal insights.

Pool Garden – Using the slide show, Starman describes how the simple symbols that are part of Star Journey like the Rose, can come to have rich personal meaning during one's own journey. 

Portal at Pool Garden – Next Starman shows how to use the garden teleport portal to quickly get to other areas. Each person jumps in and learns the controls.

Garden Landing – The TP portal also leads to main landings such this at the center of the garden areas. From here, one can TP to other spots, join the group and several other options.

Snow Garden – Attendee d'Costa (left) chose to explore the Snow garden where Katie (center) felt the Knight symbol spoke to her as part of the simple Glimpse Journey. The group learns the process of interepretation including making insightful mental "picture stories" with the image of the Knight.

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