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Star Journey – A Cosmology of Self

Picturing the Personal Universe and How It Works

by Richard H. Geer

Strategic Book Publishing & Rights Agency, 2011

Paperback, 304 pages, $19.95

E-book, $9.95




“I consider Richard Geer to be a modern day wizard, a visionary whose genius is reflected in his book Star Journey – A Cosmology of Self as well as new formats for his symbol-based self discovery tool.”

Caroline Myss
Best-selling author of Anatomy of the Spirit and Defy Gravity


“I would recommend this unique guide to anyone wanting a new experience that can last a lifetime.”

Riki Frahmann, “Mystic Living Today”


“We need tools like Star Journey ... A change in viewpoint, a change in heart, can change everything.”

Sonya Hardin, PhD, RN, Dean, School of Nursing, University of Louisville, KY


“As a personal tool for self-care, I depend on Star Journey regularly ... an
essential tool for me personally and professionally.”

Gerry Marr, MA, MFT, San Luis Obispo, CA



Book sample pages

Star Journey - Virtual World

The complete guide to the Star Journey tool in Second Life! For other formats of Star Journey, see About.

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Star Journey is based
on the work and books

by Richard H. Geer.

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