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Tapping Intuition


Unlike other systems, Star Journey does not require someone else, like a reader, to tell you what the symbols mean. The main principle of Star Journey is that the most information and truth about things is in yourself. Our motto: "The answers are within." One simply needs to be able to access this personal inner knowing.


Whether it is conscious knowledge, unconscious awareness, or a combination of both, you hold the answers to life's questions within. And you know best how to move forward. Using Star Journey, you'll learn how to tap into your own intuition and get in touch with what is true.


Star Journey has developed a step-by-step guided technique to helps you do this. You'll review the various parts of its symbols – the pictures, keywords, the levels of consciousness, etc. And you'll use your mind in different ways, both consciously and unconsciously, and develop your own personal meaning. It culminates in creating a positive plan of action for achieving what you want.


The "Games of Meaning" offer different ways to look into personal situations. Then the guided process for Interpreting Symbols will provide techniques for probing intuition and finding insights.


Enjoy the journey!

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