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Tayren Theas – "I PROJECT" Gallery



Tayren Theas has been doing art since childhood, but when she entered Second Life 9 years ago, she discovered the joy of digital art in the virtual medium.

A life-long fan of the Fantasy genre, she began by designing fantasy clothing. She soon discovered that taking pictures of herself in her fantasy designs was an art in itself.

Artistic Photography

Tayren's fantasy photos capture fantasy women of all types – mermaids, fairies, witches, gypsies, dolls, jesters and queens. Tayren views these women as parts of herself - at times silly, vulnerable, feisty or strong. This is in keeping with the theme of I Project, in which we discover, grow, and seek approval from others by expressing ourselves creatively in different ways. Tayren's photos are taken in SL and enhanced in Photoshop and other tools. 

Hand Drawings

Tayren has always enjoyed drawing, but digital media has allowed her to enhance her drawing experiences and share them with a wide audience. Tayren draws by hand on conventional paper or on her iPad in any of several drawing programs, and then digitally enhances the drawing with Photoshop brushes, filters, actions and other methods. She enjoys the fact that she can change the color of a drawing easily to evoke different moods.


Fractals are highly complex patterns that are repeated across different scales. They are created by an ongoing mathematical feedback loop, and have infinitely possible variations. They often end up looking like a part of nature – for example a butterfly, nebula or leaf. Upstairs, you will find some of Tayren's fractals. These designs are made on iPad in various fractal programs, and then edited and digitally enhanced in Photoshop and other programs. Tayren frames her fractals in special frames to emphasize their beauty and symmetry.

You may find more of Tayren's art on her Flickr site here:

Tayren's fantasy clothing shop is here:

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