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The Candle

Using Star Journey

in the Virtual World


There are several ways to use Star Journey in Second Life, from roaming and exploring or by choosing to play a specific "game of meaning" similar to how you would use Star Journey tools in real life.


Free-form – First of all, you may want to simply explore Star Journey as you would any sim in Second Life. Follow what attracts you and encounter things as you go. Inspiration may just come to you as you find things.


For example, when you come to the Candle, click the symbol card and it speaks in chat. Click the candle objects and they light up the area. You'll also receive a notecard with text on the symbol from the Star Journey book by author Richard Geer.


Games of Meaning – For a guided or more structured experience, there are several "games of meaning." These range simple and quick methods to more in-depth explorations. Some are oriented to special kinds of situations, such as how to reach a goal or learning more about making a life transition. Others focus on the describing oneself or relating with others, such as the Personal Portrait or the Relationship game.


Typically with a specific topic in mind, symbol cards are obtained by drawing randomly, by chance encounter or by actually choosing the symbols that suit you. Then the symbols are explored to uncover their special meaning for you.


Interpreting Symbols – There is a step-by-step process to help you tap into intuition and develop your own unique meaning, something that is unique and special for you, at that moment in time. The process helps you discover personal insights and create a plan of action for improving matters.


Read more about each game in this section, and try several to find the ones you like most.

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