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Global Hub & Learning  Center
Weekly sessions teach how to use the tool – and share experiences with others

Using Star Journey involves using your mind in some new ways. This can result in discovering new ways to think about situations, which can lead to break-throughs and solutions.


We offer free group sessions during the week to talk about and explore these new techniques. Currently there are two types of sessions. One is a general introduction. You'll learn about the concepts of the Star Journey method and how the tool is set up as a fun and immersive environment in Second Life. The other is a basic how-to session. You'll have a first-hand experience with one of the "games of meaning" and see how it helps you gain valuable insights. You'll also have fun sharing experiences with others.


Everyone is welcome, especially newcomers. Bring a friend, and have fun sharing experiences with others.


Check the Calendar page for our current schedule.


Sessions may be held in various parts of the sim, helping people see all that is there.


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