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star journey in second life
Gardens and Seas
At ground level, discover the 12 Gardens, and Seas, ride up to Sign Rooms

Explore lush, immersive Gardens set in a circle around the central Hall of Signs pavilion. Between gardens are the series of wateway Seas, reflecting energies from stars above. Wander the gardens and be greeted by interactive Symbols, each giving you its special message, each leading you to inner knowing. Float up to Sign rooms symbolizing fulfillment, all a part of your journey.


12 Garden "States" 

Just as each Gateway Gallery stands for a theme in Star Journey, each Garden represents a kind of symbolic state or condition. Roll over images above to see names of some of these.


The Seas 

Areas under construction – check back soon.

Special Sign Rooms

At the foot of each Garden, ride a cushion into the sky and visit a special Sign Room. These symbols represent kinds of personal fulfillment.

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