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STARS Dance Club
Premier venue for the best in Live Music in Second Life

We built a special club with you in mind, lovers of live music and romantic dancing in Second Life. Singles and couples are welcome. Meet new friends at the Wine bar. Come listen to exciting musicians at live music events or dance anytime to the continuous romantic music stream. Attire is smart casual.


Outside the club, take a stroll onto the beach area and Tiki Bar. Take the balloon tour, for singles or couples. Or walk further and explore the inspirational Gardens and Seas that make up Star Journey sim.


STARS is not only a lovely futuristic design, but also it's without the clutter of shops or other advertising.


STARS hosts the best live performers. It also features a wide variety of smooth romantic music. This includes Jazz, RnB, Soul, Latin, Romance and Ballroom music. And, you'll enjoy some of the the best motion-capture best dance animations.



STARS Dance Club – Website


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