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Art Gallery Themes

Gateway Gallery themes –
a timeless cycle of

growth and development


Also see Gallery Themes – Quick Reference Guide


I. "I AM" – The First Cause
The First Cause represents the initial onset of something or someone. It is the “I Am” that establishes presence, proclaiming that something exists, is, as opposed to is not. As it relates to the individual, this stage of growth involves focus on self and on one’s basic self-expression, including a person’s likes and dislikes, disposition and physical appearance.


II. "I WANT" – The Matrix
This Gallery represents the response to an original cause, physical manifestation as an answer. The emphasis of this area is therefore on resources at any level. Focusing on the material realm includes basic notions of comfort, pleasure, possessions and wealth. “I Want” is the signal of a consciousness exploring the qualities, possibilities and limits in a universal matrix of material form.


III. "I RELATE" – The Motion
Once the basics of self and universe are established, a fundamental communication between the two commences. The self learns ways to relate to its world. And it senses an ever-present motion as the universe moves in its own course and as it responds to acts of the self. This Gateway Gallery which is represented by “I Relate” is involved with gathering information, communicating and socializing.


IV. "I FEEL" – The Pure Water
Once the emerging self has become engaged in a dialogue with its world, at some point it turns and looks within itself, exploring the inner realm which drives it. The self discovers “I Feel”, that its internal process is a primary guiding force. This Gateway Gallery has to do with the individual seeking to satisfy inner needs, with feeling secure and with one’s emotions in general.


V. "I PROJECT" – The Spirit Incarnate
The preceding four Gateway Gallerys (or stages) have established a basis for the self, which is now enlivened by spirit, projecting energy and essence into the world through the individual personality. This area describes initial steps involved in the self’s quest for expression, for showing creativity, and for receiving validation and praise.


VI. "I BECOME" – The Grand Plan
This Gateway Gallery is involved with refining one’s self expression, determining howenergy will be put to use. The self has awareness and feedback about the universe as well as discovering its own strengths and style. Now the individual learns both how to better itself and perform meaningful service in the world.


VII. "I INTERACT" – The Perfect Union
This stage is about concentrating on the interaction with others, going beyond the self. Involvement has its own rewards, adding dimension which the self would not have chosen on its own. Symbols of the seventh Gateway Gallery deal with ways the individual combines energy with those around it, such as relationships and agreements which connect one self to another.


VIII. "I CARE" – The Power
Combining the energy of one individual with that of another yields strength. The vitality of one supports the other. The power revealed through interacting, now becomes a focus and issue. One seeks to know the essence of the strength and perhaps possess it. Yet the source was caring, or going beyond self, and so the individual learns the art of give and take while exploring the roots of power itself.


IX. "I REALIZE" – The Illumination
With a great deal of fundamental growth behind it, the developing self seeks illumination, to find the principles and beliefs on which life is built and to know the extent of life which surrounds it. At this stage, the individual is inspired to realize all that can be known and to explore the nature and boundaries of life’s terrain.


X. "I PERFECT" – The Perfect Form
At this stage, the individual focuses unlimited principles, or truth, existing in a world which also has certain inherent limits. One encounters the difference between finite and infinite, dealing with limitation both within and with others. This positions the self to operate within constraints, taking realistic steps in perfecting self and improving surroundings.


XI. "I EXPAND" – The Unification
The emphasis of the eleventh Gateway Gallery is on the individual’s highest hopes and dreams, the drive to surpass limitation and reach complete freedom – not only for oneself but for all. One seeks the expansion of self, to take possibilities as far as they can be taken, toward an ultimate goal of unifying self, others, and the world in general as a more consciously functioning whole.


XII. "I MERGE" – The Dissolution
The last stage deals with the self’s concept of completion. This marks the point at which what can be concluded is, and what cannot continues as a dream. To the extent the individual finds the self complete, he or she moves to transcend the existing set of possibilities and merge back into the whole. From there, the self may choose to emerge again at another level of being – with new potentials and increased awareness.

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