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  The World of       Star Journey  
   Gardens & Seas   

At ground level, explore the 12 Gardens and Seas, and the Hall of Signs central pavilion. Interactive Symbols will greet you as you explore this inspirational area.

   Sign Rooms   

As the journey continues, you'll encounter the special Sign rooms. Cushions placed by these Symbols will take you up to magical rooms in the sky.

   Gateway Galleries   

Enjoy the creative work of SL artists in the Art Galleries floating in a ring in the sky. As you do, you'll also learn about the deeper life themes that are part of the Star Journey experience.

   Star Energies   

Up very high in the sky, you'll discover the 12 Stars, each one an expression of a unique life-force energy.

   STARS Dance Club  

And for lovers of live music and a place to meet friends, come to STARS Dance Club, featuring some of the best singers and musicians in Second Life.

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