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Frequently Asked Questions


Since Star Journey is unique and still something rather new under the sun, there are often questions about what it is and does, how it helps people, and where one can learn more. Below are a sampling of some FAQs we receive.



  Q     Is this the only website for Star Journey, or is there a site about the "real life" tool and things related to that?


  A     The main website is It includes information on its books and products, on published work, national presentations and more.



  Q     Is Star Journey like Tarot cards?


  A     The answer is partly yes, but mostly no. Star Journey is part of the tradition of symbols being used on cards such as Tarot. But it does not require a reader or any study in order to use, which is the case with Tarot. Star Journey helps demonstrate that the answers to life's questions can be found within oneself, and this does not require a book or an outside expert to tell you what is so.



  Q     Are there any written case studies of how using Star Journey has helped someone?


  A     We have gathered some great case studies over time, and a few are published on a page on the main website The tool is also used by helping professionals, those in counseling and therapy, and there is documented feedback from some of them as well. See Masters Essays by R. Geer, Holos University, 2011.



  Q     Can a random draw of cards really be something meaningful? Isn't that just chance?


  A     Great question. The concept is called synchronicity, and what that means is there really are no accidents in life. The things that come to you do have meaning expressly for you. Psychologist Carl Jung wrote about this many years ago in such books as "Man and His Symbols," as did well-known writer and lecturer Joseph Campbell. Jung also maintained there is a greater cosmic consciousness that is reached by an individual looking within.



  Q     How long has the Star Journey tool been around, and how did it come about?


  A     Star Journey was the profound inspiration of artist and writer Richard Geer over 40 years ago, a tool which he conceived while a student and then went on to develop and publish it over several years. His personal account is detailed in his first book "Star+Gate Keys to the Kingdom" (1984, Star+Gate Enterprises). Then, in 2008, Richard's 3rd book was published, and at the same time the first website for Star Journey site was launched and the interactive format in Second Life was founded.



  Q     How do I get started in Second Life?


  A     Join for free by registering at You'll choose an avatar to begin with, a name, and be guided through an orientation process. Although SL offers its own viewer for accessing the virtual space, we prefer the Firestorm Viewer, download here. And finally, the SLurl for Star Journey is here. Enjoy!




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