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Games of Meaning


Here are a variety of games to help you get clarity and answers to questions about life situations. They range from simple to more complex, and there is even one designed especially for exploring relationships. Try them all, and see what works best for you.

Glimpse Journey

The quick and simple 1-symbol Glimpse into what's going on, maybe about a specific question or maybe just checking in on yourself. A snapshot of "now."  More

Goal Journey

Find out what the underlying goal is, what is keeping you from it, and what your current approach is. Enjoy the journey!  More

Dare to Dream

Dare to Dream is about your ability to overcome any challenge you face. The "picture story" technique, part of the interpretation process, will help you discover how. More ...

Transition Journey

Designed to help you deal with life changes. Learn how to get from where you are to where you want to be, and knowing what is helping and what is distracting from that goal, More

Personal Portrait

The Portrait is a very unique way to describe your status at seven levels of being, levels of consciousness. More

Relationship Game

This is a great method for couples of any kind to explore how they see things and work together. More

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