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Explore relating with your partner in


The Relationship Game



Relationships are complex. At times it can seem challenging to get your ideas or concerns across. In addition, we all need tools to find common ground or set a new direction with a partner.


The Relationship Linking game is an aid in resolution and problem-solving. And it can be used for any type of relationship, a romantic one, family, friends or work.


In the SL version, players each select a symbol on the wall to stand for themselves. This selection can be done on any basis desired. Symbols can be selected by mouse click, an object goes to Recent Items in Inventory, and this can be rezzed on the ground. It can also be viewed as a hud in the center of your screen. Wear or Add the object, then click through its 3 faces, the Picture side, Word side and Level side. (See Levels chart.)


Also, find the symbol's corresponding point on the Circle Pattern map on the floor, and use a ring to mark its place.


Then using the Circle Pattern, look together with your partner to find a separate point such that all three points are connected. This new point stands for an element the pair can utilize symbolically to improve matters.


To more fully explore any of the symbols, the pair can utilize the steps of Interpretating Symbols, with each person sharing their own perceptions, thoughts and feelings.

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