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Take a snapshot of "right now"


The Glimpse Journey




It could be said that the journey of one step can actually take you a thousand miles. Imagine you are roaming here and there. Things have been on your mind, but you have no idea what to do about them. Then suddenly, you come upon something, a turn in the road, or an unexpected sight. It causes a mental flash, ideas come flooding in. You can feel it, in an instant you see a glimpse of truth, of your own insight!


A single image can have tremendous power. Sometimes just one push opens a great door. That's how the 1-symbol "glimpse journey" works. It's the idea that sometimes the simplest thing can trigger deep meaning.


You can take this journey as simply as you wish. For example, just put your finger on a map of Star Journey, go where it leads then choose the first Symbol you come to. Or, get an random draw from a Circle Pattern generator in any of the art galleries. Be spontaneous, let chance lead you on this journey. More on obtaining symbols...


Then use intuition to uncover the meaning of the Symbol. Or if you like, use the guided Process of Interpretation given here.



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