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I BECOME ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------

living the moment


In the past, I had strived to be; I had strived to be liked; I had strived to gain admiration; I had strived to pleased and I had strived to be respected.


Now more matured, I no longer strive, though I haven't ceased striving but I had learned to live the moment. In my paintings, I seek a meditative and tranquil quality in the midst of a busy daily life. Simple in composition, I captured the moment in strong calligraphic brushstrokes.


ABOUT THE ARTIST ----------------------------------------------------------------------


Exhibiting RL artist.


I am an alla prima painter. I paint still life, mostly fruits but my first love is portraits. I also had painted abstracts. I do calligraphy and bring my calligraphic skills into my abstracts.


I started my art career back in 2009 after graduating from California State University at Sacramento in studio arts. Going back to school was a great way to keep one toe in art as my kids were growing up.


Since then I have been jurored into a couple of major regional art competitions and sold paintings through


I came into SL in 2009 and started exhibiting in 2010. I had showings at Pirats, Space 4 Arts, and others.


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