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Kyoko – "I REALIZE" Gallery



My life has been and continues to be marked by a series of realizations. Some send me back, others move me forward, always as a reminder of the cycles of life and the growth of a reflective being. This is true of my journeys in both Virtual and Real Worlds, which I view as connected both in terms of learning and artistic expression.


An important transition for me was two intersecting realizations. First, that our memories form layers in our being and that new memories can reshape earlier ones. Second, my study and teaching of Japanese Aesthetics in my Philosophy of Art course followed by a brief study of the language, visits to Japan and immersion in the life of "The Floating World" in Second Life. My memory layers morphed into digital photo-montages based on my travel photographs and then into an exploration of my experiences of and in Japan, which as cycles do, continues into whatever is next.


Current Galleries: 

Gallery Bazarne@Miyagawacho

Galleria Bazarne@Locus Amoenus

Art Cafe @ Locus Amoenus

Past Exhibits:

MBK Galerie: Through a Dreaming Window

Space4Art Rooftop Gallery: Paris in the Park

Yapland Theme Exhibit: Obsession 

Twilight Gallery

Tricia Aferdita Gallery (Cetus)


Owner and Director of Park Galleries 2008-2011.


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