Star Journey Pop-Up Meditations


Join us for a 1-hour meditation using Symbols drawn from Star Journey as a theme and inspiration. Symbols are different for every session. Relax, center, find inner calm. Discover insights to personal questions. Session is led by Richard H. Geer, author and developer of the Star Journey Symbol Method.

WHEN: Sunday, December 17, 2017 – 1:00 pm

WHERE: Spirit Dream Books, 8119 S. Broadway, Walnut Creek, CA

COST: $5 per person

Pictured: Star Journey Circle Pattern map of consciousness (top), chart showing levels of consciousness within the pattern (above).

Star Journey - Virtual World

The complete guide to the Star Journey tool in Second Life! For other formats of Star Journey, see About.

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Star Journey is based
on the work and books

by Richard H. Geer.

See About for more information.