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Sheba Blitz – "I CARE" Gallery



The reason I chose the gallery of "I CARE" - The Power, is because it resonates with my Mandala artworks that I paint. The source or essence of mandalas promotes strength and power through peace. Going beyond oneself and learning the art of giving and taking through the power of the mandala known as the sacred and mystical symbol of the universe. Discovering the power of uniting through mandalas and the peaceful way. "One discovers the power of uniting, the desire to go beyond the self and know the nature of things" that the "I CARE" gallery represents totally connected with me. 


About Sheba

Sheba Blitz is a RL and SL artist who paints Mandalas and Abstracts.
Mandalas are ancient & mystical symbols of the universe. And the way of the "peaceful path".

Classically in the form of a circle (the Cosmos) enclosing a square
(Earthbound matter). My Mandalas generally contain what is called a
quarternity or a multiple of four. This squaring of the circle is a
common archetypal image of wholeness and order.

Sheba was born and lives in Australia. Has studied, explored and
accumulated many Art Diplomas from different art processes over the years but always returns to painting geometric and symmetrical designs and abstracts from nature.

Mandalas are seen as sacred places and by their very presence in the
world remind the viewer of the immanence of sanctity in the universe
and it's potential to themselves. They are a means to discover
divinity, by the realization that it resides within one's own self.

Love, Light & Happiness
Sheba (Blitz)


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