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Star Journey – Your journey, what is it?


"What does the name Star Journey mean?"


We're all from a star, and we're all on a journey, yes?


"And what is this thing, this place, all about anyway?"


Well what is life about really? Do any of us really know? I suppose there are some who do, at least some who think they know. For the rest of us, it's a little bit of everything both good and bad which can be confusing at times. Sometimes we're happy, elated even inspired. Othertimes we're sad, angry or hurt. There are times when we are confused and can't see our way through things. And yet there are times when things seem clear as a bell.


So Star Journey sort of parallels life, helping you make sense of it when a situation on its own leaves you muddled and uncertain. Imagine if we had a guide book we could turn to in times of confusion and we could open to a page that gave clarity and guidance about that very kind of situation. Star Journey can work something like that. 


How? Well it helps you look at things through a different lens. And once you know how to use the tool, the new lens can open up new thinking and new ideas about to handle situations.


Take the Journey!


The best way to find out how Star Journey works is just do it and see where it takes you. Take the journey. How to do that? Anyway you want actually. Just go to any part of the sim, move about and explore. Wherever you go, you find Symbols and areas or activities associated with them.


                                                 Start in any of these areas!
    (or anywhere you choose)



Gardens &
Sign Rooms
 – Explore many symbols which are found among the 12 Gardens on ground level. And go on to fly up and visit special symbol Sign rooms that tell about fulfillment.

Star Energies – High above ground level, meet and explore the 12 invisible energies that are building blocks of the self.

Art Galleries – Surrounding the main landing area, visit any of the 12 gateway art galleries, whose themes form a cycle of growth that is reflected both on the land and in the sky.

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